Beyoncé “Lemonade” (Full Movie)

“When life gives you lemons, Beyoncé gives you life”

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Kedrick Lamar [Live Performance]

K. Dot just had to go and do it again didn’t he? Man I love this guy. If you weren’t diggin’ To Pimp A Butterfly when it released earlier this year then I feel bad for you son, you got 99 problems and bad taste is one. That sophomore album was straight fire.

Here’s his most recent performance on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert – a medley of tracks including U, Momma and Wesley’s Theory. He put so much energy into it.

Body On Me [Live Performance]

LOOOORD can we take a step back please.

YouTube were practically begging me to click on this video, all up on my homepage. Rita Ora holds back zero composure during this performance of Body On Me with Chris Brown on Jimmy Kimmel Live. She’s always been a good performer, I remember because I went to one of her gigs a few years ago (I’m also quite enjoying her as one of the judges on X-Factor UK this year). She seems to everywhere – you gotta rate her hustle.

Correct me if I’m wrong but I swear she was more into the sexiness than Chris? Or maybe I’m blind because I wish it was me that close to him. I’d be surprised if they haven’t smashed behind closed doors.

VMA Awards 2015


LOL sorry I just had to start off my post with that; it was literally one of the funniest highlights from the night. I’ve never really been a big fan of Miley Cyrus, in fact I find her very irritating so when I saw she was hosting the show – I was not happy.. and neither was Nicki Minaj.

So I completely forgot the MTV’s Video Music Awards were airing and guess who reminded me? My mother. I swear she was more excited to watch it than me.

The performances were pretty dope to be fair; you see the way Kanye was dancing to The Weeknd’s Can’t Feel My Face? Again, another funny highlight. Although, my favourite performance was actually Tori Kelly of her new single Should’ve Been Us – I absolutely loved it. It’s definitely going to put her on a new platform within the music industry.

We also saw Justin Bieber getting emotional after his performance of What Do You Mean and let’s not forget Kanye West accepting his Vanguard Award with an 11 minute speech and at the end announcing that he’ll be running for President in 2020. Come to think of it, the VMA’s this year have quite a few memorable moments.

Can I just say, usually Kim K looks hot af but she looked a mess! I mean.. I know she’s pregnant but that dress was not flattering at all, the colour was eww and her hair was eww-er.

Would’ve been nice to see someone other than Taylor Swift win some of the awards but let’s be real, it was expected. If you haven’t seen it already then don’t worry you didn’t miss much, I would suggest to just watch the bits I’ve mentioned on here – they’ll be on YouTube.



Power – Season 2 Finale

OMG. That’s the only thing I can say right about now. I just finished watching the episode and I’m finding it difficult to think of words suitable to describe it. That was intense yo, much better than Season 1 in my opinion. I don’t want to be a spoiler but it was literally everything that needed to be addressed and more.

Now, I was pretty mad at last week’s episode with Kanan shooting Shawn, how you gon’ do your son like that? I need to remind myself it’s only a TV programme lol.

Does Kanan get his revenge back at Ghost?

Does Angela take down Ghost?

Does Ghost help Tommy?

All these questions will get answered but boy are there A LOT of twists.


If you haven’t watched it already then you should probably go do that, it’s completely different to Empire so ignore all the comparisons. Similar to The Wire. Good acting and story-line with a bit of raw violence and porn lol.

To watch latest ep (Season 2 Episode 10) or the entire series click link below and be directed to an external site:

BET Awards 2015

I want to keep this post short and snappy just highlighting some of my favourite moments from the night.

Kendrick Lamar performance of Alright – DOPE
Alicia Keys performing The Weeknd’s Earned It – TERRIBLE
Bad Boy Reunion – AMAZING! Diddy dropping – HILARIOUS
Chris Brown & Tyga – SO LIT!
Janet Jackson dance tribute – SPECTACULAR
Smokey Robinson ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ – CUTE
Big Sean performance – IDFWU lol joke I really do

Why did Rihanna duct tape Floyd Mayweather though? Nicki’s speech where she forgets what award she’s accepting was too funny.

I was overall pretty disappointed with some of the decisions made in regards to who won some of the awards but I won’t get into all that right now. There were more deserving winners amongst the nominees; I’ll just put that out there.