I Like What I Like


I started reading again perhaps two years ago, as I wanted to become more eloquent in the way that I spoke and wrote.

I found that I was really into self-help books, life stories & also a bit of fiction to escape reality and unleash my imagination to endless possibilities.

People don’t always quite understand how I’m that girl who loves intellect but will also watch trash TV. When in fact, it’s for the exact same reason. It allows me to escape reality.

When we look into this common word “Reality”, what does it really mean? In actuality according to the English dictionary, it is defined as “the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them” ok cool, makes sense. Then I thought let me check Urban Dictionary and see how the younger generation describe it and I came across the below.

“That which is manufactured by the media, by governments, by big corporations, and by religious and political groups to distort people’s views of things and events.”  

They couldn’t be more contradictory.

Now if you were to ask me? I wouldn’t be able to give a straight answer because my reality is completely different to yours. It is subject to your own individuality.

As you grow up you start to see the world from another perspective. Nothing is as black and white as it seems. This post was sparked by some recent conversations I’ve been having. For instance if the following questions were posed to me back when I was 15 years old then again now 10years later at age 25 – the answers would be completely different. Few examples below:

What’s your type?
15yr Old AJ – (I probably would’ve said a specific race)
25yr Old AJ – No type, I like what I like. As long as I vibe with that person, they have the same energy and is sexually attractive to me.

Do you forgive & forget?
15yr Old AJ – No I will hold a grudge.
25yr Old AJ – Forgive but don’t forget. Just because someone else handled a situation not necessarily the way I would have, doesn’t make it automatically wrong. It’s just not how I would’ve done it. Give chances, people make mistakes but if you keep letting me down then I will eventually distant you.

Does body count matter?
15yr Old AJ – Yes. Whoever sleeps with more than 5 people is a slut.
25yr Old AJ – I only care about mine. I carry certain morals however I cannot judge if somebody wants to have multiple sexual partners. It’s their body. Do you hunny.

Do you want to be rich & famous?
15yr Old AJ – Yes. Of course (so dumb)
25yr Old AJ – Nah not at all, fame can be destructive. I want to be successful. Whether fame comes into it is another story but I’m definitely not striving for it. I find that keeping to myself is less distractive and I can focus on what I need to. Money doesn’t define happiness, I’m ok with being financially comfortable.

Be on your guard against all kinds of greed; a man’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions

Where do you want to live when you’re older?
15yr Old AJ – America, that’s where all the opportunities are and it gets hot.
25yr Old AJ – I want to remain in London, the most multi-cultural & least segregated city with so many great things to do.

What do you think about Gay & Transgender people?
15yr Old AJ – It’s wrong (so ignorant)
25yr Old AJ – I don’t totally understand it so I can’t speak on it. From what I’ve seen on documentaries, it seems more of a natural thing than a choice. 

There is no longer a social norm I can identify with, except yes I might choose Heinz ketchup over Asda value (but I promise there’s a taste difference) lol.

I am now in the phase of creating my own norms as opposed to what may be typically socially expected by me. With age comes knowledge (information acquired through experience and education) in my case – my reality. How I’ve lived, what I’ve learned & how I currently live. I look forward to seeing if my answers were to change in the next 10 years time.

Be open to discussion and debates. This is why podcasts are great.