Beyoncé “Lemonade” (Full Movie)

“When life gives you lemons, Beyoncé gives you life”

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Kanye West – The Life of Pablo: Album Review

Another reason for TIDAL, Kanye West; The Creative. Let’s start with giving him that title because he is one hell of a character. As a fan, I’ve seen his journey from a musician to a businessman with his fashion line and marrying a Kardashian, you can either love him or hate him but regardless, the guy will not stop till his persona is considered an ‘Icon’ on this earth.

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*Takes a deep breath* The Life of Pablo where do I begin, at least it’s finally been given a name, and I quite like it as opposed to the previous options Swish and Waves. Very “Kanye”, and when I say that, I mean because he is pretty weird – just see the album art cover. If I’m comparing this album to his last dark one Yeezy then yes it’s a massive step up! Legendary like good-feel College Drop Out? I dunno.

It’s definitely hard to communicate or try and describe the album in words to you guys because there’s no genre box you can really put it in, even though he is considered a hip-hop artist. The Life Of Pablo runs through a number of Kanye emotions but ultimately an energetic, slightly messy but enjoyable album making it debut at No.1 on the billboard charts.

The first track Ultralight Bean showcases some gospel vibes with a number of vocals and preaching ‘this is God’s dream’ I hear that (the holy Kanye). Father Stretch My Hands Pt.1 the complete opposite, it’s got a Kid Cudi hook and speaks on fxcking a model, getting in an argument but still loving her (the douche Kanye). Pt 2. of this track samples Panda – Desiigner (BIG TUNE!) but yeh apologizing for putting work before his women (the sympathetic Kanye).

Rihanna features on Famous with a Nina Simone sample speaking on his conflict with fame and all the crap he dealt with the media, he even addresses the Taylor Swift incident when he cut her off at the VMA’s 2009 with “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex, why? I made that bxtch famous” (the IDGAF Kanye).

Track 7 – I Love Kanye is a freestyle which doesn’t even need brackets, ya’ll know what that’s about – his bighead. Real Friends was the first single from the album which came out featuring Ty Dolla $ign on the hook expressing his struggles with relationships, friends and family.

I could potentially go through all songs with interpretations like the fact that he mentions “I feel liberated” a few times, feeling blessed that his continuous ideas can be executed.. BUT I won’t bore you, have a listen below, Chris Brown also features on the album. The Life of Pablo is 100% getting space on my iTunes.