Rihanna – ANTI (Deluxe): Album Review

That’s right, Rihanna’s awaited album ANTI was finally out on January 28th 2016. I even downloaded TIDAL to stream it first.

I wanted this album to slay for three reasons:
1. It’s Rihanna.
2. It’s been 4 years since her last album.
3. I’m seeing her in concert this summer.

I think everybody went a bit crazy when single ‘Work’ featuring Drake dropped a few weeks ago, including me. When I first heard it, my reaction was “wtf is this? I’m not impressed, I expected more.” BOY has my opinion drastically changed. The more I hear it, the more I LOVE it. It’s officially become my office anthem; of course some of the lyrics had to be googled though lol.

ANTI (Deluxe) is definitely not her best album to date, but there are some decent tracks on it. I like the fact she’s explored with different sounds. It’s not an ‘R&B’ or ‘Pop’ record; it’s a RIRI record – only she could do it.

Tracks 1-8 are probably the songs I enjoy the most opposed to the second half of the album which personally wasn’t produced that great. The first song Consideration ft. SZA (only other collaboration) has some Barbados vibes to it whereas James Joint is that tune you listen to whilst rolling a blunt. Kiss It Better has an upbeat ‘80s pop feel with a beautiful guitar instrumental, then you got Yeah I Said It with a slowjam  R&B touch to it, and finally Work – say no more.

My personal favourite is Needed Me which uses a DJ Mustard beat. Here’s a little taster:

“But baby, don’t get it twisted.
You was just another nigga on the hit list,
tryna fix your inner issues with a bad bitch.
Didn’t tell you that I was savage?
Fuck ya white horse and ya carridge”

The last song on the album Rihanna expresses zero shame in admitting she is amazing in the bedroom with Sex With Me. I can just imagine females out there getting big headed, dedicating it to certain guys, and screaming “this is my tune!” smh.

Have a listen below:


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