The Game – Documentary 2.5

After a few listens of the second documentary disc (Doc 2.5) – I can firmly say, it is my new soundtrack of the month. I wasn’t sure if The Game had the ability to make it consistent following the first but he completely proved me wrong. I hate to say this, but I think I prefer it to Dre’s Compton (remember I’m a 22 year old female so please don’t grill me).

Again, the album features a number of artists including Nas, Lil Wayne, Ty Dolla Sign and Schoolboy Q just to name a few. If we think realistically, you can tell the difference between 2 and 2.5. 2 was kinda warming us up, giving those more mainstream hype songs for the radio and if you thought it was good then just hear 2.5 my friend, which in my opinion is much better. Straight up lit. It’s deeper with more raw content, great lyrical substance – can argue it’s more serious but in a positive way cos he managed to still make it enjoyable to listen.

It’s a bit shorter than the first album with an 18 track-list (well 16 if you minus the skits) including some real cute songs such as Like Father Like Son, Life which samples Whitney Houston (one of my favs right now), Up On The Wall making me wanna turn up, and he got the hard-core shit like Gang Bang Anyway. A complete dope mix. I could honestly write a review on each track but instead I think you all should go cop that like actually BUY the album. It’s worth it – alternatively, stream it below.

I mean.. he could’ve scraped the odd song or two but it’s not like he releases music on a regular basis so let’s allow him please, man got excited to deliver something cohesive and you gotta rate him for that. He’s still relevant in the game (see what I did there) LOL I know you didn’t laugh but I did.

Enjoy x


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