Fetty Wap – Self Titled Album

When I dig an artist, I end up finding most of their tracks online which is exactly what happened before Fetty Wap announced he would be releasing his self-titled debut album. He’s straight up wavy. If you don’t like his flow then – cool novel bruh, bye Felicia.

I got into most tracks during the summer so I’m not going through the craze right now but nonetheless I will rate him and definitely recommend you guys checking it out. He’s literally my sister’s favorite artist right now so shout out to her.

Quite a few of the tunes feature Monty who I’m sure is part of Fetty’s ‘Remy Boyz’ movement. It’s one of those albums you want to be playing loud whilst cruising down the highway. It will for sure make you wanna turn up, but don’t get me wrong he’s also got a few slow downed tunes on there like Couple Bands and No Days Off for example.

You can expect to hear all the hit singles/ ‘bangers’ including Trap Queen, My Way, Again, 679, and RGF Island along with some new material creating a 20 track-list record which I now hear is No.1 on the Billboard Charts ‘gwaaarn’ lol.

You can stream it all on Spotify or purchase it on iTunes, alternatively browse it on YouTube.


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