Drake & Future – What A Time To Be Alive Mixtape

When it was first rumoured that these two were working on a joint project, fans literally jumped on their feet waiting for it to be released, which it did eventually when announced on OVO Sound Radio. Previous collabs usually have a Future hook with Drake verses so that’s pretty much how I expected this record to sound.

Ok let’s get one thing clear, in my opinion anyways – this is not a solid track list. Hence why I think it was classed as a mixtape opposed to an album, disappointing because I really do like both artists. You can’t compare it to Jay and Kanye’s – Watch The Throne which had timeless hits.

The mixtape isn’t complete trash though but it’s not something I would pay for either, it’s more of a “I’ll only download selected songs that I like” kinda thing, you’ll listen to it but want to skip a few, ya feel me? Probably the reason it had poor sale figures in week 2 and why I took so long to write this.

Having said that, I should give some credit because I heard the 11 tracks were recorded in only 6 days at an Atlanta studio, explains the lack of effort (few songs sounding repetitive) but that’s still impressive.

Not gonna lie, most tracks are practically cussing us females out – sour af but #ManDontCareAboutAllThat. Anyways without going into too much detail, the songs I fxck with at the moment are Jumpman, Diamonds Dancing, Scholarships, 30 for 30 freestyle and Live from the gutter.

I’m just really hoping that this rumoured Cole & Kendrick album is legit cos it will shit all over this.


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