It’s A Cultural Affair..

I was on my way back from work today and Wizkid x Ojuelegba came on my iPod shuffle. I’ve mentioned before that I love Skepta’s verse on it (even more than Drake’s) because rather talking about sex and money which is basically what most songs are about nowadays, he expresses how it feels to be from an African heritage (Nigerian decent to be specific) growing up in London, UK.

It reminded me of another song that I used to listen to back in the day Nnneka ft. Nas x Heartbeat Remix with Nas’s verses having similar content yet speaking on being an African American and tackling problems that the society present by working together. It was released in 2010 and you can hear where Rita Ora sampled her single R.I.P from.

I don’t really know exactly what my point was with this post but I wanted to share both songs with you guys. Whether you’re African, Indian, Jamaican, Korean, Puerto Rican or wherever you’re from; every day, everywhere, there’s somebody facing racial discrimination – I’m even one of them. It’s ok though because if we keep educating ourselves, we’ll change the world.



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