Drake & Future – What A Time To Be Alive Mixtape

When it was first rumoured that these two were working on a joint project, fans literally jumped on their feet waiting for it to be released, which it did eventually when announced on OVO Sound Radio. Previous collabs usually have a Future hook with Drake verses so that’s pretty much how I expected this record to sound.

Ok let’s get one thing clear, in my opinion anyways – this is not a solid track list. Hence why I think it was classed as a mixtape opposed to an album, disappointing because I really do like both artists. You can’t compare it to Jay and Kanye’s – Watch The Throne which had timeless hits.

The mixtape isn’t complete trash though but it’s not something I would pay for either, it’s more of a “I’ll only download selected songs that I like” kinda thing, you’ll listen to it but want to skip a few, ya feel me? Probably the reason it had poor sale figures in week 2 and why I took so long to write this.

Having said that, I should give some credit because I heard the 11 tracks were recorded in only 6 days at an Atlanta studio, explains the lack of effort (few songs sounding repetitive) but that’s still impressive.

Not gonna lie, most tracks are practically cussing us females out – sour af but #ManDontCareAboutAllThat. Anyways without going into too much detail, the songs I fxck with at the moment are Jumpman, Diamonds Dancing, Scholarships, 30 for 30 freestyle and Live from the gutter.

I’m just really hoping that this rumoured Cole & Kendrick album is legit cos it will shit all over this.


Chris Brown – Liquor/ Zero [New Video Alert]

Chris Brown is back with not just one but a double video for his latest singles Liquor and Zero which will feature on his soon-to-drop album #ROYALTY (kinda cute how he named it after his daughter). Sexy Breezy never fails to amaze me from his vocals to his dance moves.

‘Liquor’ has got that slowjam R&B feel to it whereas ‘Zero’ has got a more upbeat pop vibe, either way you can’t really fault this guy. I got nothing but love for him. He mentioned in a recent interview that he was able to help direct both videos and show off his creativity which certainly pays off with the 9 minute story-telling visual. Appreciate it, it’s what you call a true artist.

Click link below and let me know what you think.


TGIF. Flashback to 20 years ago when Brandy’s soulful R&B hit single I Wanna Be Down came out with an all-female hip-hop remix featuring MC Lyte, YoYo & Queen Latifah. Still to this day it’s one of my favourite songs EVER, yes I know all the lyrics. A little throwback to start your weekend in a good mood.

Happy Birthday Nas!

My favourite rapper, the greatest legend himself Mr Nasir Jones celebrates his 42nd birthday today. I couldn’t thank this man enough for blessing me with Illmatic, Stillmatic and the list goes on. Somebody who made me fall in love with real rap growing up in my generation of the 90s.

To pay homage, here’s the first Nas song I ever heard as a kid – I instantly became a fan. Obviously I have the explicit version but of-course the video had to be censored.

Yo all I need is one mic, one beat, one stage.

Yo all I need is one blog, one page, one read.