Tyga – Stimulated [New Video Alert]

Ok so it’s no secret that Tyga and Kylie Jenner are together/dating, everyone has speculated this for the longest time and I’m not sure if it was ever publically officially announced but that doesn’t really matter anymore, because it’s definitely confirmed in his latest video Stimulated.

I’m sure people still find it pretty creepy or perverted but to be honest Kylie is 18 and Tyga is 25 (trust me, he still a kid though – I’ve seen a couple eps of Kingin’ With Tyga). The 7 year age gap may be concerning because of how young they are BUT if you think about it there’s a lot more couples with a larger age gap – look at Jay-Z & Beyoncé (12 years) and P-Diddy & Cassie (16 years). It’s a bit awkward that he has a toddler son (who is cute af) but seriously give them a damn break, I reckon it’s one of those ‘phase’ relationships.  Anyways, here’s the song – it’s a chill vibe, nice beat.


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