Wedding Song

“You taste like banana cake, you shaped like the number eight and you my number one candidate”

Ok so this post is pretty irrelevant but just a passing thought.

LORD KNOWS what has gotten into me recently, if you know me on a personal level then you’ll be surprised – I’m not usually like this, but recently I’ve been feeling mad broody lol. I think it’s because a lot of people in my life are starting families (or I’ve just been watching way too much unrealistic tv shows) and in the summer, female hormones/emotions reach sky high.

Anyways, for whenever this day comes in the future (well.. if it ever does) – I will not compromise. I have officially picked out my wedding song (call me ghetto IDC) it’s confirmed. I’ve debated it for a while now but I want to stay away from the norms like Etta James – At Last or Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud.

This is my ultimate favorite song featuring three artists that I love and grew up too. The lyrics are so cute; I think I know every word lol, but yeah without being too ‘moist’ here it is:

Don’t even dare try to steal it.

My backups: Alaine – Deeper / No Ordinary Love


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