Albums ATM

So my favourite two albums right now are Meek Mill’s Dreams Worth More Than Money and Krept & Konan’s The Long Way Home. Here’s a quick review.

– Meek Mill #DWMTM

It’s been three years since Meek released Dreams and Nightmares so it’s fair to say this album was highly anticipated. I’m not usually a massive fan of Meek Mill, I feel as though he just shouts every time he spits, I mean don’t get me wrong, he’s definitely made a couple bangers and some of his lyrical substance is good – I just don’t like his delivery. This album however, has really stepped up a game for me personally, from the production to the features.

It’s obvious; Meek has gained significant attention since dating rap goddess Nicki Minaj (we should probably rate him for that) but their notable new relationship has really been voiced in this album with songs like: hit single All Eyes On You and Bad For You.

Personally, an all Meek album with zero features just wouldn’t cut it for me, he hasn’t reached such status like J.Cole for example. I feel as though the number of collaborations on this album have really contributed to its success, we’re talking Drake, Future, Diddy, Rick Ross, The Weeknd and couple others. That’s quite a lot. I can’t choose a specific favourite as they’re all pretty live!

I have to admit, he successfully came out with a consistent soundtrack with different vibes flowing throughout. This album isn’t for the hardcore ‘rap fans’ but for a more versatile audience, the reason it probably reached Number 1 on the Billboard Charts.


Krept & Konan #TLWH

I’ll be completely honest, UK music isn’t my favourite but I do try to support the movement. Let me start of by saying THANK YOU to Krept & Konan because they have made me so proud to be British lol. I remember listening to the album and saying it was good, a couple days later I had to retract that statement and replace it with GREAT. I may be over exaggerating to some extent but I think that’s only because I’m really passionate right now.

I don’t think anyone knew what to expect once they heard the south London duo were signing to Def Jam records, would they turn commercialised or stick to their grime roots? They somehow managed to combine the two and I think that’s why it worked.

I read a lot of comments about UK artists adopting US influences in their sound and often getting dissed for it, I’ve never really understood why. America is popping in the music industry; why not aspire to their level of success? This may just be a new era for UK hip-hop.

The reason for describing the album as great, is because they’ve enabled to create a somewhat story-telling element. You can tell there was a concept behind every song, they visualised exactly how they wanted it to sound without putting them in a distinctive style box. We can hear how they made it from nothing all the way to how they feel about a girl. It’s engaging for a listener because they’ve used slow yet alluring beats, beautiful hooks, sick features and let’s not forget their crazy bars and punch lines. My favourite at the moment is Dreams ft. Ed Sheeran (it’s on repeat!).


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