Beef – Drake vs. Meek

Never did I think Mr Mill would be mentioned on my blog twice already but of course I have to address this Meek and Drake beef! I mean, if you can call it that lol. It’s definitely not on the scale of Nas & Jay or Kendrick saying he was the king of NY but any rap conflict is interesting af. I may be bias because I’m a much bigger Drake fan so my loyalty lies with him, although even with that being said – he is killing Meek right now!

So let’s start from the beginning, Meek had the audacity to say Drake doesn’t write his own lyrics or that he supposedly raps over ghost-written verses (I can’t confirm if it’s true or not but I rather not speculate and have faith in the guy – if he does I’m sure they’re credited).

Drake did respond but in a less invasive way and using a regular flow with Charged Up, his approach wasn’t rude at all, he just took a couple shots but Meek decided to take to twitter and call it “Baby lotion soft” yeah that wasn’t smart at all. Four days later Drake fires up and releases Back to Back Freestyle which comes with vengeance!

Social media was blowing up; my Twitter and Instagram feed were full of hilarious memes dissing Meek and rating Drake. He must feel like a complete fool right now, I don’t even think Nicki can back him up on this. Worst thing is, he didn’t respond! He basically dug his own grave with the silent treatment.

Let me just pull out this one verse for you guys..

“You love her, then you gotta give the world to her, Is that a world tour or your girls tour? I know that you gotta be a thug for her, this aint what she meant when she told you open up more. Yeah, trigger fingers turn to twitter fingers, yeah you gettin’ bodied by a singin’ nigga. I’m not the type of nigga that’ll type to niggas, and shout-out to all my boss bitches wife-in niggas. Make sure you hit him with the prenup, then tell that man to ease up”

This is only a fraction, ouch.

Anyways, Drake really did buy bottles for CharIamagne but I guess we’ll never hear another R.IC.O.


Girl Power

This content really isn’t as lame as the title lol but I have to pay homage to some of the female artists coming out on the scene right now revolutionising that good authentic Hip-Hop and R&B. It’s one of those “I told you so” moments because I remember tweeting about these four artists waaaaaay before they gained worldwide recognition. As mentioned before, I’m a music fanatic so a lot of my spare time is spent on youtube discovering new music (I should really work in A&R tbh)

Tinashe – My recent girl crush. Young, beautiful and extremely talented. I won’t pretend and say I followed her from the very start of her career because that isn’t true but I remember coming across her third mixtape called Black Water and was immediately intrigued. She’s definitely somebody you would call a ‘creative’, not afraid to challenge her music outside stereotypically female records. At one point, I was so obsessed with Vulnerable ft. Travis Scott, for some reason I found it so sexually endearing. Soon after, 2 On came out and it was a wrap, I officially loved this girl. I literally shared that song with everyone I knew, they started to turn up to it and BAM a couple months later, the video was released and went viral! To me; her Aquarius album is a masterpiece. A LOT of effort and time I’m guessing was put into it, from start to finish – there’s not even one track I skip. I also have to respect her performance wise; she is such a sick dancer.

Tink – Tink is dope af. The thing is; I liked her even when she made corny songs like Treat Me Like Somebody and Bonnie & Clyde, they were made for those lonely nights. Now, they’re at the bottom of the hierarchy. I heard Don’t Tell Nobody ft. Jeremih and believe me when I say I could spit the whole song within one week. Seven days. That’s how much I listened to it. Songs like M.E.N, Ratchet Commandments and most recently Million have now come out and even Charlamagne Tha God is backing her so you know it’s some real shxt that can’t even get criticized. She’s also working alongside Timberland who’s like one of the greatest producers alive so please pay attention and watch this space. She’s hopping onto the music scene aggressively! New Mixtape – Winters Diary 3


Kehlani – She’s been around for a hot minute but I think I discovered her quite late in the game actually. I saw someone tweet her name so I thought let me check this broad out. The first video that came up on Youtube was FWU (I wasn’t impressed) then I clicked on First Position and omg I was legit hypnotized. The song has basically got a bisexual/lesbian vibe (I’m straight btw but even I started to question myself lol) as soon as the hook and beats drops; you’re in an entirely different zone. Light the blunt. I can guarantee if you’re a female, it’s worth listening to her You Should Be Here EP released earlier this year. It’s a ‘feel good’ mix tape. Thank me later.

Dej Loaf I am so excited for Dej Loaf! She’s literally my new craze, as soon as my bestfriend and I get into the car; we just have to blast her so loud. She’s been around for a while but gained more recognition with hit single Try Me which became viral instantly. When I heard it I was so confused whether it was a girl or a boy who hadn’t broken their voice yet (then I clocked the lyrics and felt dumb af) lol. She is seriously interesting though as Nicki shouted out in her speech at the BET Awards. The definition on unique, there’s no one out there that sounds like her. Just sit back, sip some Hennessey and listen to Dej Loaf, keep an eye out for her new project #AndSeeThatsTheThing

Albums ATM

So my favourite two albums right now are Meek Mill’s Dreams Worth More Than Money and Krept & Konan’s The Long Way Home. Here’s a quick review.

– Meek Mill #DWMTM

It’s been three years since Meek released Dreams and Nightmares so it’s fair to say this album was highly anticipated. I’m not usually a massive fan of Meek Mill, I feel as though he just shouts every time he spits, I mean don’t get me wrong, he’s definitely made a couple bangers and some of his lyrical substance is good – I just don’t like his delivery. This album however, has really stepped up a game for me personally, from the production to the features.

It’s obvious; Meek has gained significant attention since dating rap goddess Nicki Minaj (we should probably rate him for that) but their notable new relationship has really been voiced in this album with songs like: hit single All Eyes On You and Bad For You.

Personally, an all Meek album with zero features just wouldn’t cut it for me, he hasn’t reached such status like J.Cole for example. I feel as though the number of collaborations on this album have really contributed to its success, we’re talking Drake, Future, Diddy, Rick Ross, The Weeknd and couple others. That’s quite a lot. I can’t choose a specific favourite as they’re all pretty live!

I have to admit, he successfully came out with a consistent soundtrack with different vibes flowing throughout. This album isn’t for the hardcore ‘rap fans’ but for a more versatile audience, the reason it probably reached Number 1 on the Billboard Charts.


Krept & Konan #TLWH

I’ll be completely honest, UK music isn’t my favourite but I do try to support the movement. Let me start of by saying THANK YOU to Krept & Konan because they have made me so proud to be British lol. I remember listening to the album and saying it was good, a couple days later I had to retract that statement and replace it with GREAT. I may be over exaggerating to some extent but I think that’s only because I’m really passionate right now.

I don’t think anyone knew what to expect once they heard the south London duo were signing to Def Jam records, would they turn commercialised or stick to their grime roots? They somehow managed to combine the two and I think that’s why it worked.

I read a lot of comments about UK artists adopting US influences in their sound and often getting dissed for it, I’ve never really understood why. America is popping in the music industry; why not aspire to their level of success? This may just be a new era for UK hip-hop.

The reason for describing the album as great, is because they’ve enabled to create a somewhat story-telling element. You can tell there was a concept behind every song, they visualised exactly how they wanted it to sound without putting them in a distinctive style box. We can hear how they made it from nothing all the way to how they feel about a girl. It’s engaging for a listener because they’ve used slow yet alluring beats, beautiful hooks, sick features and let’s not forget their crazy bars and punch lines. My favourite at the moment is Dreams ft. Ed Sheeran (it’s on repeat!).

BET Awards 2015

I want to keep this post short and snappy just highlighting some of my favourite moments from the night.

Kendrick Lamar performance of Alright – DOPE
Alicia Keys performing The Weeknd’s Earned It – TERRIBLE
Bad Boy Reunion – AMAZING! Diddy dropping – HILARIOUS
Chris Brown & Tyga – SO LIT!
Janet Jackson dance tribute – SPECTACULAR
Smokey Robinson ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ – CUTE
Big Sean performance – IDFWU lol joke I really do

Why did Rihanna duct tape Floyd Mayweather though? Nicki’s speech where she forgets what award she’s accepting was too funny.

I was overall pretty disappointed with some of the decisions made in regards to who won some of the awards but I won’t get into all that right now. There were more deserving winners amongst the nominees; I’ll just put that out there.

Wireless Festival 2015

What a crazy experience! Bear in mind, this was my first ever festival. I got the chance to go to the Wireless 10th Anniversary on June 28th, it was the extra date added before the initial weekend line-up. Now, I’ve been to A LOT of concerts in my time but this was on a whole new level. Fortunately, it took place in Finsbury Park (I’m from North London so it was pretty convenient).

I don’t even know where to begin. This was my 4th time seeing Drake and he never disappoints, singing songs from his latest album plus all the classics (he really is a motherfxcking legend), when he performed Know Yourself – the whole park atmosphere was lit. The entire day is a bit hazy but that’s because we started on uncle rum, continued with aunty wine and some brother beer in between so you can imagine how faded we got.

IMG_1784I’d seen some of the acts previously such as Katy B and Rita Ora but witnessing BBK and Kid Ink was great, the energy was immense and also a surprise performance with Krept & Konan of Freak Of The Week! Let’s be honest, that is one of the biggest summer anthems right now. To conclude, my Wireless 2016 ticket is already mentally pre-booked.