I Like What I Like


I started reading again perhaps two years ago, as I wanted to become more eloquent in the way that I spoke and wrote.

I found that I was really into self-help books, life stories & also a bit of fiction to escape reality and unleash my imagination to endless possibilities.

People don’t always quite understand how I’m that girl who loves intellect but will also watch trash TV. When in fact, it’s for the exact same reason. It allows me to escape reality.

When we look into this common word “Reality”, what does it really mean? In actuality according to the English dictionary, it is defined as “the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them” ok cool, makes sense. Then I thought let me check Urban Dictionary and see how the younger generation describe it and I came across the below.

“That which is manufactured by the media, by governments, by big corporations, and by religious and political groups to distort people’s views of things and events.”  

They couldn’t be more contradictory.

Now if you were to ask me? I wouldn’t be able to give a straight answer because my reality is completely different to yours. It is subject to your own individuality.

As you grow up you start to see the world from another perspective. Nothing is as black and white as it seems. This post was sparked by some recent conversations I’ve been having. For instance if the following questions were posed to me back when I was 15 years old then again now 10years later at age 25 – the answers would be completely different. Few examples below:

What’s your type?
15yr Old AJ – (I probably would’ve said a specific race)
25yr Old AJ – No type, I like what I like. As long as I vibe with that person, they have the same energy and is sexually attractive to me.

Do you forgive & forget?
15yr Old AJ – No I will hold a grudge.
25yr Old AJ – Forgive but don’t forget. Just because someone else handled a situation not necessarily the way I would have, doesn’t make it automatically wrong. It’s just not how I would’ve done it. Give chances, people make mistakes but if you keep letting me down then I will eventually distant you.

Does body count matter?
15yr Old AJ – Yes. Whoever sleeps with more than 5 people is a slut.
25yr Old AJ – I only care about mine. I carry certain morals however I cannot judge if somebody wants to have multiple sexual partners. It’s their body. Do you hunny.

Do you want to be rich & famous?
15yr Old AJ – Yes. Of course (so dumb)
25yr Old AJ – Nah not at all, fame can be destructive. I want to be successful. Whether fame comes into it is another story but I’m definitely not striving for it. I find that keeping to myself is less distractive and I can focus on what I need to. Money doesn’t define happiness, I’m ok with being financially comfortable.

Be on your guard against all kinds of greed; a man’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions

Where do you want to live when you’re older?
15yr Old AJ – America, that’s where all the opportunities are and it gets hot.
25yr Old AJ – I want to remain in London, the most multi-cultural & least segregated city with so many great things to do.

What do you think about Gay & Transgender people?
15yr Old AJ – It’s wrong (so ignorant)
25yr Old AJ – I don’t totally understand it so I can’t speak on it. From what I’ve seen on documentaries, it seems more of a natural thing than a choice. 

There is no longer a social norm I can identify with, except yes I might choose Heinz ketchup over Asda value (but I promise there’s a taste difference) lol.

I am now in the phase of creating my own norms as opposed to what may be typically socially expected by me. With age comes knowledge (information acquired through experience and education) in my case – my reality. How I’ve lived, what I’ve learned & how I currently live. I look forward to seeing if my answers were to change in the next 10 years time.

Be open to discussion and debates. This is why podcasts are great.



Life is like a box of chocolates.. but sometimes less sweeter.


Ayeeeee if you didn’t read that first line in Eminem’s voice then we got real issues.

That’s right though, I took a long damn break from here, my last post was in 2016 which is terrible. I apologise ya’ll.

So what have I been doing during all this time? Honestly, life has been crazy. 2017 was undeniably one of the most challenging years for me from some serious lows to some extreme highs. I experienced turbulence as well as memorable exciting moments from personal affairs, health problems to business ventures.  John Lennon had this quote “everything will be ok in the end, if it’s not ok it’s not the end” something I’ve kinda had to keep in mind when things didn’t go the way I planned. There’s nothing wrong with making plans, I mean it’s only natural to set out goals for yourself but what you do need to be prepared for is overcoming obstacles and realising life is so unpredictable.
It’s the unexpected that changes our lives”  


You know them ones that front and say “I stay winning” yeah na, I’ve definitely had achievements but I’m also brave enough to say I’ve taken a few L’s in the past year. Prideful AJ would’ve never admitted that back in the day but you have to trial and error, it’s the only way you live and you learn.

I’ve met some amazing people that play an integral part of keeping me motivated. They help me elevate by constantly inspiring, encouraging and supporting me. They’re the type of homies you need around. One of my girls praised me and said “I’m really proud of the women you are maturing into” she then checked me and said “what happened to your blog, that was your thing” told her I didn’t have time or that it wasn’t my priority anymore, truth is I was just lazy. I didn’t make time or make it my priority. What a bum mentality.

Right now, it’s a Saturday night, first quiet one I’ve had alone in a while. I have a deadline on Monday so I thought I might as well get some work done. In the background I was listening to Chris Stapleton – Tennessee Whiskey. I couldn’t even concentrate because his voice was giving me shivers. So beautifully soulful. Had it on repeat. Yes hard to believe – I like country music too (didn’t have much choice – I grew up on it because of my dad) so once in a blue moon I might buss a few Kenny Rogers or Dolly Parton here and there.

He performed alongside Justin Timberlake at the BRIT Awards 2018. Forward to 2:10, that’s where the magic begins. Loved it.

Anyways… long story short I saw someone on the TL mention a song from Nipsey Hustle’s debut album Victory Lap so I thought I’d check it out. I switched the music and was like “Ooooooouuu this is very deeeeecent” and immediately started reviewing it in my head.

Lately I haven’t really paid attention to the Hip Hop scene, the last albums I downloaded were Black Panther : The Album by Kendrick Lamar and Tables Turn by Fredo (both dope I must say). All I’d really been in the mood to listen to prior to this was Reggae, I’m talking all the Marleys, Sizzla, Marlon Asher, Buju Banton etc. I’m just out of touch.

I’d like to consider myself someone who’s very attentive to music, I have an eclectic ear and appreciate all sounds. Sometimes I can be into jazzy vibes like FKJ & Masego – Tadow and other times I’m in the mood for female vocals like Mahalia – Sober.

I could’ve written so much about the music that came out last year, It’s too late now but when I think about the albums that dropped from the top of my head:

Ctrl – SZA
4:44 – Jay Z
FR32 – Wretch 32
Laila’s Wisdom – Rapsody
Wamp 2 Dem – Giggs
Stoney Hill – Damian Marley
DAMN – Kendrick Lamar
Sixteen – Donae’o

There’s honestly too many to list.. my point is; it would’ve been great content.

I’m not going to false promise and say that I will continuously write and update the blog regularly because I’m not sure I can commit to it, but I will say that I’ll most certainly try to as frequently as I possibly can, and I won’t hit the pause button for this long again.

I’m in the process of finishing Richard Branson’s autobiography Loosing My Virginity (took me ages, it’s as long as the last Harry Potter mate). One thing I notice throughout it, is how fearless he is. So admirable. I’m not YET a risk taker like that at all.. but I want to be. He did however heavily influence me, and I’ve now taken things from that book and applied it to my reality (I’ve even proposed something at work which looks prospective) so that’s good.

I mean just look at this…. DONNY IS SICK!


A few were failures, but majority were successful and now man owns a friggin island.

Remember, It’s okay to be in a state of confusion (I was) which is why I lost my passion to write. Imagine, I even considered seeing a fortune teller to give me some sort or clarity about where my future is heading, but instead I decided to take steps to amplify myself. Read books, watch documentaries, converse with interesting people, take a course, go travelling. There’s so many options available.

I fail to mention the most important aspect in all of this. God. He’s got your back. Show your gratitude daily, even if it’s in your own way and not conventional. What is meant to be, will be. Trust and believe.



“Make moves for those of you not born with a silver spoon”

Firstly, I want to start this with my deepest condolences to everyone that has lost someone close to them this past week. It seems as though there has been a series of unfortunate tragedies across the globe. My prayers go out to the lives lost in the Orlando Shootings at Pulse Nightclub, The Voice USA former contestant; Christina Grimmie and 2 year old; Lane Graves alligator incident at the Walt Disney World Resort. Along with this, the terrorist attack against French police commander and his wife in Paris, and lastly, the most recent with UK Labour politician Jo Cox.

It’s been horrific commuting to work on the tube and reading a new killing in The Metro newspaper every single day, I was on the verge of tears whilst sitting on the Piccadilly line for those 10 minutes. People die all the time and it’s not always in the media, but when it does happen so unexpectedly, it’s important to take time to reflect on your own personal life, because you never know – you could be here one day, and gone the next. Just like that.

With everyone wrapped up in the UEFA Euro 2016 and EU referendum; it’s easy to dismiss how much violence is actually going on out there, it’s pretty scary when you realise how dangerous this world is, yet nevertheless I still believe you shouldn’t live in fear.

Having said this, it feels almost wrong to say that I’m happy (with my life I mean, not the above of course). I woke up this morning and had butterflies in my stomach, not wanting to eat (the same sensation you get when you really like a guy) and if you know me – I’m that slim girl with a fat soul, I ALWAYS WANT TO EAT lol.

It was like a moment of excitement and slight nervousness because I’m overwhelmed with how many opportunities are present to me right now. I completely forgot how much I loved writing whilst in the midst of being so damn busy and working 7 days a week. I barely have time to chill, although as this is my only first day off. I’m making it priority to reflect, and share it with you all.

“This is crazy, I’m on the right track, I’m finally found. You need some soul-searching, the time is now” Nas – One Mic.

I’m not the most eloquent speaker, in fact I’m just a common north London chick and honestly I dig that. I’m cool with not being your perfect stereotypical woman. When I hear tracks like Ray BLK ft. Stormzy – My Hood and how authentic it is, I just feel so incredibly blessed to be that average British person. We all have to work hard to get where we want to be especially coming from not necessarily privileged backgrounds, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t appreciate what we already have.  Home is where the heart is.

P.S I must say overall our music scene at the moment is BANGING. If you’re a reader from abroad, I urge you to invest some time in discovering it (I should probably post a UK Only playlist on here soon and pay homage). Remix She Blogs Hip-Hop lol.

It’s exactly half way through the year, 6 months in and I’ve already accomplished so much and have continuous ideas on how I want to progress. So apart from blogging, I’ve trained in radio presenting, currently marketing in the events industry, bartending, training in photography, will soon be DJ’ing and will also be launching my own project called KJ & AJ with a close friend – I won’t give too much away about that yet.

Whether you believe in horoscopes or not, this was mine today and it is so on point, I’m choosing to.

“Some big element in your life is transitioning Taurus. This could mean big change, and you are not someone who loves change. If you don’t evolve with this transition though, you won’t be able to reap the benefits that come with it. While this change may make you feel frightened, exposed, and uncertain of where you are going, it will eventually bring a sense of closure and a feeling of newfound hope. Be brave, and be open to the many possibilities that are opening up for you.”

It’s amazing how much can change in short amount of time only by altering your mind frame, finding inner-peace and positivity being key. I wouldn’t say I’ve reached my goals, aspirations or dreams but as of now I’m embarking on the journey towards it and for that reason, I’m happy.

I really do believe everything happens for a reason and in within certain timing so be patient, however at same time.. make moves for those of you not born with a silver spoon.


Drake – Views: Album Review

You know when you cook something fresh and you just gotta let it marinade for a while so it can digest well? I don’t know if that makes sense to ya’ll but it was basically my outlook whilst listening to Views. I had to hear it a few times to be like.. “yeah I actually like this” although, there hasn’t really been a Drake album I haven’t liked or even song for that matter. He’s dope, no denying it. Pretty sure I’ve mentioned that I’ve seen him live 4 times and would probably go a 5th? Yup.

So as a London girl, when I first heard One Dance get played on the radio – I was GASSED because Drake had sampled UK funky house track Kyla – Do You Mind (Crazy Cousinz), one of those old-skool tunes that give you a nostalgic vibe and fusing this with a dancehall feel. My immediate reaction was “rah this guy is a genious”.  You can’t help but buss some moves especially when afro-beat artist Wizkid jumps in.

“Strength and guidance, all that i’m wishing for my friends”

Views definitely has some dancehall Caribbean theme running through it with Controlla (Drake all up in his feelings again, committed to his lady ) which has two versions. One with Popcaan which got leaked but for some reason didn’t make it on the track-list (the version I personally much prefer!) and another with Beanie Man with a small sample of his tune Tear Off Mi Garment.  Slightly random.

“I think I’d die for you. Jodeci ‘Cry For You’ Do things when you want me to”

One of my favourite songs features Rihanna with Too Good. I mean, when these two collaborate it’s just magic lol great chemistry. Also sampling Popcaan with Love Yuh Bad, the song is definitely relatable to couples in a similar situation where they feel their love is taken for granted and all their efforts aren’t reciprocated resulting in distance. Sometimes it’s hard to reconnect.

“I don’t know how to talk to you, I just found myself getting lost with you. Lately you just make me work to hard for you, got me on flights overseas and I still can’t get across to you”

Now when i heard Pimp C on Faithful; I was like “whaaaaaaat yo turn this up” literally. It just felt so good to hear the late artist after so long! It was old blended with something new as OVO signed dvsn is also sings last verse. Those chill vibes, Drake again pouring his heart out lol.


Unfortunately I’m running out of time to give a low down on the entire album, let me finish off by saying Views may not be his best but definitely has some really great moments. Drake once again, proves his consistency in the music game. Nothing but salutes out here.


Kanye West – The Life of Pablo: Album Review

Another reason for TIDAL, Kanye West; The Creative. Let’s start with giving him that title because he is one hell of a character. As a fan, I’ve seen his journey from a musician to a businessman with his fashion line and marrying a Kardashian, you can either love him or hate him but regardless, the guy will not stop till his persona is considered an ‘Icon’ on this earth.

giphy (1)

*Takes a deep breath* The Life of Pablo where do I begin, at least it’s finally been given a name, and I quite like it as opposed to the previous options Swish and Waves. Very “Kanye”, and when I say that, I mean because he is pretty weird – just see the album art cover. If I’m comparing this album to his last dark one Yeezy then yes it’s a massive step up! Legendary like good-feel College Drop Out? I dunno.

It’s definitely hard to communicate or try and describe the album in words to you guys because there’s no genre box you can really put it in, even though he is considered a hip-hop artist. The Life Of Pablo runs through a number of Kanye emotions but ultimately an energetic, slightly messy but enjoyable album making it debut at No.1 on the billboard charts.

The first track Ultralight Bean showcases some gospel vibes with a number of vocals and preaching ‘this is God’s dream’ I hear that (the holy Kanye). Father Stretch My Hands Pt.1 the complete opposite, it’s got a Kid Cudi hook and speaks on fxcking a model, getting in an argument but still loving her (the douche Kanye). Pt 2. of this track samples Panda – Desiigner (BIG TUNE!) but yeh apologizing for putting work before his women (the sympathetic Kanye).

Rihanna features on Famous with a Nina Simone sample speaking on his conflict with fame and all the crap he dealt with the media, he even addresses the Taylor Swift incident when he cut her off at the VMA’s 2009 with “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex, why? I made that bxtch famous” (the IDGAF Kanye).

Track 7 – I Love Kanye is a freestyle which doesn’t even need brackets, ya’ll know what that’s about – his bighead. Real Friends was the first single from the album which came out featuring Ty Dolla $ign on the hook expressing his struggles with relationships, friends and family.

I could potentially go through all songs with interpretations like the fact that he mentions “I feel liberated” a few times, feeling blessed that his continuous ideas can be executed.. BUT I won’t bore you, have a listen below, Chris Brown also features on the album. The Life of Pablo is 100% getting space on my iTunes.